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Local Worm Castings: The Right Choice For Your Plants, Community & Planet

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Superior Plant Growth

Worm castings give your plants the nutrients to grow the way nature intended.

Safe For Your Family & the Environment

All natural with no dangerous additives.

Support a local business

Locally produced in small batches, there's no better-quality worm castings.

Did you know that many plant products:

Endanger Your Plants?

Endanger You & Your Family?

Endanger the Environment?

Our Difference.

Your partner in sustainable gardening and plant care

Worm castings transform organic waste into a slow-release, nutrient-rich fertilizer, promoting sustainable plant care by enhancing soil health without chemical inputs. This eco-friendly method supports a closed-loop system, minimizing environmental impact and fostering robust plant growth.

The best quality nutrition for your plants

Worm castings surpass artificial soil amendments in quality by delivering a rich blend of nutrients and beneficial microbes naturally, improving soil structure and plant health without the environmental downsides of synthetic alternatives. Their natural composition ensures a safer, more sustainable growing environment, enhancing plant resilience and growth.

Keep your family and your environment safe

Worm castings are safe for families and the environment, offering a non-toxic, natural alternative to chemical fertilizers for nurturing plants. Their natural composition poses no risk to children, pets, or wildlife, ensuring a healthy, sustainable space for growth and play.

As a local businesses, we support our community

Supporting local businesses fosters community growth by keeping money within the local economy, creating jobs, and building a network of interdependent, thriving enterprises. This grassroots economic model strengthens community bonds and ensures a vibrant, sustainable local ecosystem.

Grow Greener in Three Simple Steps

Grab a Bag

Get our bright pink bag of all natural worm castings shipped straight from our worms to you. Our worm castings are not stored in a warehouse for any extended period of time so the microbes in the castings are ready to get to work for your plants

Apply our worm castings

Follow our application instructions here for the best results. After just a couple of applications and a few weeks of patience you’ll see your plants gain new life and vitality.

Enjoy healthier plants

Health plants are happy plants and plant owners with happy plants are happier. It just makes sense, doesn’t it? Who wouldn’t want happier plants?

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Questions? We are here to help!

If you’re new to worm castings or a seasoned veteran, we want to make sure you have the best experience possible. Check out our FAQs to find answers to common questions, or drop us a text or email, and we’ll do our best to answer your questions. We love talking plants and look forward to connecting with our customers!

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